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I already have a F.A.Q. journal, but it lacks a lot of questions I get asked semi-frequently (= has been asked more than once maybe). That's because the answers can get into lengthy droning about dress up details that'd just clog the journal with trivia that probably wouldn't interest many people. But I have noticed that they are of interest to some people (at least to those who ask the questions), so, here is a little compilation.

How did you make this dress up?
This is a pretty common question but I often don't answer it. I mean, it's very hard for me to see what the asker wants in the first place. "I draw the clothes and then code them to work as a dress up" sounds pretty self-explanatory, but I doubt the asker is interested in the technical details of "well, I draw the clothing on layer 2, then turn it into a movie clip and give it an instance name, then I write this code that loops through everything in the _root array...", or that such a summary would be of much use anyway. 

It's easier to answer if you give a more specific question, like what program I use (that's Adobe Flash CS3 and CS5 Professional). If you are interested in making a dress up yourself but don't know where to start or need help with a project you already have I can get more technical, but spewing example actionscript code I use won't be my default answer.

(If you're looking for a tutorial, I have one here, though it's kinda ugly and outdated and I'd love to make a new one when I have time. Comment section of the tutorial or a Note is the best way to ask for help in your own dress up project.)

Why is there no background music in your dress ups?
1) Because I don't know how to add it and 2) to be fair I don't care enough to check out how to do it, I'm fairly sure it's super easy if I tried... I absolutely despise it when websites and flash games start playing music when I didn't ask for it and I always turn it off anyway, so it's very difficult for me to see it as something beneficial I'd want to add to my works. Also 3), most of the music out there would cause copyright issues; I can't just add the subject anime's theme tune and expect nobody to report it for copyright infringement.

Why are there no backgrounds in your dress ups?
Because I'm lazy. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'm reeeeally bad at drawing  backgrounds, even coming up with some simple abstract dot pattern is a lot to ask. If you ever see anything resembling a background in my gallery it's probably a result of a lot of work. Pretty much the only dress ups with a proper background I've made are the commissioned ones; if someone paid for it I at least try to make the UI look decent.

Also, to me the dress ups are about creating an outfit for the character, not creating a pretty scene with it. And for that a simple background is best, so I'd choose the blank white one myself if I was playing a dress up. I have heard that the bright white makes some people's eyes hurt so sometimes I remember to include an option to change the background colour to something else (but most of the time I forget).

Why no 'save' button?
It'd be cool, but I don't know how to code one. The explanations I've found so far involve sending stuff from the flash game to a javaScript or PHP code, and while I technically do have some server space I could use for the jS/PHP code I don't think I want to use it for a purpose like this, so I'm not too motivated to learn either.

Why no 'finish' button in Pokemon Trainer Creator v2?
Because I didn't think of it back when I made the game, and at this point it would be an annoyance to add. Not impossible or even that difficult, but the coding of that thing is quite a mess and I'd prefer not to touch it. I wish I would have included it since it gets asked the most if for no other reason (it would improve the quality of the game a lot too though).

You forgot ____ from the dress up! / Where is ____? 
I wish people would word this one differently, because this way it sounds like you think that because you want something to be in the dress up I must want that too and the fact that it's missing is some kind of mistake. Chances are that I remembered ____ perfectly well but just chose not to draw it.

As for "where is ___?", if I take it as an actual question of the location of some item, check the most obvious solution. A shirt is probably in the shirts section, and all possible characters are in the character select section. Very few works have hidden content (so far only Usagi Drop, One Piece girls v2 and Madoka Magica IIRC) so if you can't find it it's probably not in the dress up.

If you have trouble finding something that's actually included it's obviously a problem on my part. Sometimes the pages can be too crowded, or my categories might be off. For example the buttons for the second page of "Other" in the Digimon character creator are easy to miss, causing the impression that there are no glasses in the creator. It's good to point out those so I can hope to screw up less in the future.

No I'm really interested why ___ isn't in the dress up.
Some possible reasons why something isn't included:

- I left it out on purpose because I didn't want to draw it
- I didn't consider it important enough for the scope of that particular dress up; while at times I try to include absolutely everything, in most of my works I don't have the interest to draw whatshername-who-shows-up-in-one-filler-episode.
- I'm not knowledgeable/nerdy enough on the subject to know it even exists.
- The dress up was growing so large that I'd never get it finished if I drew everything I wanted, so I had to stop at some point.
- It didn't exist at the time I made the dress up. I do update some of my works with newly released stuff from the franchise, but I don't have the time or interest to keep up with the antics of the subjects of 100+ dress ups.
- It was too difficult to draw or code.
- The dress up was a contest prize and the subject was chosen by the winner. If the winner didn't ask for it to be included I didn't feel an obligation to draw it. Or most likely I knew nothing on the subject so if the winner didn't ask for it to be included I didn't even know it exists.
- Also possible: I forgot. There are times when I missed something that I did want to include. Like that stupid GS ball in the PokeTrainer Creator v2, that thing missing bothers me so much more than the lack of a finish button or any of the bugs... [not bothering to add it though]

Options for alternate poses / different body types / yaoi/yuri couples?
This is so much easier said than done, unless you want a dress up like this. Alternate poses or body types or whatever would mean practically redrawing the entire game because if I alter the base body I have to alter the clothes too to fit the new body, Flash doesn't do it for me. I have made some works with multiple base bodies, but those are always a pain to make, since drawing the same clothes over and over again is just plain boring.

How about a One Piece character creator?
One Piece is one of my favourite series ever and it also has a lot of great designs, but I don't find it a good subject for a character creator. To me a character creator has one purpose and that is creating characters that design-wise could be from the subject series (you don't say). So, what is an One Piece type character design? What do Nami, Franky, Chopper, Wapol, Foxy, Dorry and Apoo have in common appearance-wise? Even if I ignore all the different body types as per the previous question and only stick to the generic male=Luffy/female=Nami bodies, the clothes still don't have a theme since there are so many different cultures. In the end pretty much anything can be an One Piece character as long as it's drawn in Oda's style so the dress up would be just me trying to emulate the art style with a random mess of a clothing selection.

The same applies to things such as Fullmetal Alchemist, which is a great series but there really isn't much to say in terms of a clothing theme outside the army uniforms. 

At times I have considered an One Piece creator with a smaller scope, such as One Piece Mermaid Maker, but if I made that I might just as well make a larger mermaid maker and not limit myself to One Piece.

More colours for the W.i.t.c.h. Guardian maker?
Like the previous question says, my top priority when making character creators is that it creates characters that look like they could be from the subject work, so nope. Witches wear green and purple in the comic, and if the dress up allowed you to colour their magic uniform blue and yellow instead it'd break my principles. To me alternate colours would look as out of place as if there was an option for space suits or fake beards. I guess it would benefit the people who want to use the dress up for something else than its intended purpose, but I don't want to sacrifice my artistic integrity for that. Feel free to grab your Paint or Gimp or any other drawing program and change the colours yourself though.

There is the thing that to the people who are only familiar with the cartoon version of W.i.t.c.h. that changed the colours a little the outfits should be green(ish) and pink, not green and purple. I, however, go by the comic version because that's the only one I know and I find the cartoon colours ugly, and I don't consider the benefit from adding the pink version large enough for the trouble including it would be.

Why so many "normal" dress ups and not character creators?
I can see why character creators would be more popular, but they're also more annoying to make. With a normal drag&drop you just draw and the clothes and copypaste one short code to make them draggable, and -voila- the dress up is done. While with a character creator you need to make item buttons and colour buttons and the menu needs more work, and items need to be coloured, and while I have managed to reduce the amount of code I need there's still a lot more to do in that front.

With drag&drop dress ups it's also more rewarding how you can see the progress. I take one reference picture, draw everything I want from it, and move it to the "already done" folder, and at all times I can see that the number of pictures still waiting is going down. But with character creators I draw one item group at a time, as in all shirts first, and when I'm done with that it's all skirts, and so on. This way it takes a long time until everything from a particular reference image is drawn and I can get rid it.

The whole thing is probably pretty stupid, but I'm the kind of a person who always takes pleasure in measuring how many minutes of a lecture there are left, how many kilometres to walk home, how many spoonfuls of some unpleasant food I still have to eat, and so on.

Do you often play dress ups?
No, I find it pretty boring. Huh? 

I used to play dress ups a lot when I was younger, but nowadays I don't find it that interesting. If I stumble into a new dress up I usually quickly create one character and that's it, but other than that my attention is almost always at the technical stuff, i.e. is it easy to use and if there's anything I could learn from it. 

I do enjoy seeing what people create in my character creators and sometimes try to search dA for people's creations (so I appreciate people who tag their stuff properly). Or at least the newer ones, the older ones not so much since my old art is embarrassing to watch..

Add ___ to the dress up/Make a ___ dress up.
No. Since when was I a servant you could just order around? No need to add "please" as an afterthought, it's not going to change anything. I always check if the commenter isn't a native English speaker which would make things a lot more understandable, but almost always their country says US and any other content they've uploaded suggests that they can speak English just fine. It's baffling to me that plenty of people apparently actually believe that they'd get me to do anything this way. 



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