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July 28, 2008
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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

Whew! It's finally done!

When I finished "Nami dress up v.1", I thought that I'd never do another dress up with more than, say, items, because it was such a pain to do. But back in the spring I played my Nami Dress up (v.1), and then thought "man, this is ugly", and redrew everything and added about 200 items...

So, this is Nami from One piece. All the items here are from official art of One piece manga, anime, games, merchandise etc. I'll add more when I find more reference pictures. I had to guess some colours and stuff, and sometimes I could only see her back or hand or something in the reference pic, so I had to make the rest up myself.

Now that I play this I've already noticed few bugs, so I'll try to fix them asap.

"Drawers" were made with :iconjaidenuchiha:'s help. Couldn't have done it without you! Million thanks.

572 clothes +2 tattoos + 19 hairstyles = 593. I think I'm not quite sane..

Click the bikini top after you've put it on to make the bra disappear. Same works for some other tops.

[Edit] Fixed some stuff. Shirt42 and few other things wouldn't show up!

[Edit2] Some things were actually very hectic so I split shirts, pants, shoes, coats & dresses to more pages and also added some stuff.

[Edit3] Added some more stuff and a reset button

Version 1 here
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missdirection123 Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
exelent game! i made alot of versions of me cuz i am a red head and me and Nami have a lot of fashion pair-ups
BetzabeNaranja Dec 12, 2013  Student Artist
I need the game the Nico RObin dress up with more outfits!!
I love your games! I think they're the best games on the internet. :)
omg i luv this!!!!!!!!
TheXBunny Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist
This dress up game is amazing!

The dress up game I made is a drag and drop
Heres the game I made:…
However, I want to make one of those dress up games where you can click buttons and the buttons take you to another page with different selections. Just like yours!

But I dont know how :'(

PLEASE HELP! I would be sooo happy.
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I just love the afro hair.... : )

NightrunBule Jul 23, 2013  Student Photographer
love it :3
I miss the old Nami!! T_T
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