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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

Right now I am making a new character creator (no idea when it'll be finished. But it's going to have something new I haven't done before! Just don't get your hopes too high, the new thing probably isn't as cool as what you'd imagine and actually pretty pointless but it's a lot of fun to code). Anyway I thought I could use some tips on the subject in the title of this journal.

You see, at some point of my character-maker-making escapades I changed the skin colour set to have more options, but I got some comments about how the new colours looked unnatural. So for the next one I did some alterations, but the new set, too, was deemed odd. And I think I've had a third iteration too which still didn't work out. The skin colours have been described things such as "sickly", "weird", "not so natural" and "zombie-ish", to name a few.

There is enough criticism from separate people that this is a problem and not just some individual's subjective opinion I should ignore, so something has to be done. But the problem is, I don't really know what to do, and just randomly picking new colours and hoping that they'll work out hasn't exactly been successful. Some comments have been about the lightness or saturation of the colours which give me a bit more to work with, but for the most part the criticism is vague enough that I don't really know how to fix anything (not that I blame the commenters, it's not like I can dissect the issue any better and multiple comments on the same issue at least tell me where I should improve.)

So seeing as my previous attempts didn't fare too well I thought outsourcing the problem might help. Anyone have a concrete idea I should do? Like actual colour hex codes or a quickie colour chart in your scraps/stash or something? I'm thinking 20-25 different shades from pale to dark, and also some pinkish/reddish/orangeish/yellowish/beigeish (?) options. Thanks for your time!
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I already have a F.A.Q. journal, but it lacks a lot of questions I get asked semi-frequently (= has been asked more than once maybe). That's because the answers can get into lengthy droning about dress up details that'd just clog the journal with trivia that probably wouldn't interest many people. But I have noticed that they are of interest to some people (at least to those who ask the questions), so, here is a little compilation.

How did you make this dress up?
This is a pretty common question but I often don't answer it. I mean, it's very hard for me to see what the asker wants in the first place. "I draw the clothes and then code them to work as a dress up" sounds pretty self-explanatory, but I doubt the asker is interested in the technical details of "well, I draw the clothing on layer 2, then turn it into a movie clip and give it an instance name, then I write this code that loops through everything in the _root array...", or that such a summary would be of much use anyway. 

It's easier to answer if you give a more specific question, like what program I use (that's Adobe Flash CS3 and CS5 Professional). If you are interested in making a dress up yourself but don't know where to start or need help with a project you already have I can get more technical, but spewing example actionscript code I use won't be my default answer.

(If you're looking for a tutorial, I have one here, though it's kinda ugly and outdated and I'd love to make a new one when I have time. Comment section of the tutorial or a Note is the best way to ask for help in your own dress up project.)

Why is there no background music in your dress ups?
1) Because I don't know how to add it and 2) to be fair I don't care enough to check out how to do it, I'm fairly sure it's super easy if I tried... I absolutely despise it when websites and flash games start playing music when I didn't ask for it and I always turn it off anyway, so it's very difficult for me to see it as something beneficial I'd want to add to my works. Also 3), most of the music out there would cause copyright issues; I can't just add the subject anime's theme tune and expect nobody to report it for copyright infringement.

Why are there no backgrounds in your dress ups?
Because I'm lazy. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'm reeeeally bad at drawing  backgrounds, even coming up with some simple abstract dot pattern is a lot to ask. If you ever see anything resembling a background in my gallery it's probably a result of a lot of work. Pretty much the only dress ups with a proper background I've made are the commissioned ones; if someone paid for it I at least try to make the UI look decent.

Also, to me the dress ups are about creating an outfit for the character, not creating a pretty scene with it. And for that a simple background is best, so I'd choose the blank white one myself if I was playing a dress up. I have heard that the bright white makes some people's eyes hurt so sometimes I remember to include an option to change the background colour to something else (but most of the time I forget).

Why no 'save' button?
It'd be cool, but I don't know how to code one. The explanations I've found so far involve sending stuff from the flash game to a javaScript or PHP code, and while I technically do have some server space I could use for the jS/PHP code I don't think I want to use it for a purpose like this, so I'm not too motivated to learn either.

Why no 'finish' button in Pokemon Trainer Creator v2?
Because I didn't think of it back when I made the game, and at this point it would be an annoyance to add. Not impossible or even that difficult, but the coding of that thing is quite a mess and I'd prefer not to touch it. I wish I would have included it since it gets asked the most if for no other reason (it would improve the quality of the game a lot too though).

You forgot ____ from the dress up! / Where is ____? 
I wish people would word this one differently, because this way it sounds like you think that because you want something to be in the dress up I must want that too and the fact that it's missing is some kind of mistake. Chances are that I remembered ____ perfectly well but just chose not to draw it.

As for "where is ___?", if I take it as an actual question of the location of some item, check the most obvious solution. A shirt is probably in the shirts section, and all possible characters are in the character select section. Very few works have hidden content (so far only Usagi Drop, One Piece girls v2 and Madoka Magica IIRC) so if you can't find it it's probably not in the dress up.

If you have trouble finding something that's actually included it's obviously a problem on my part. Sometimes the pages can be too crowded, or my categories might be off. For example the buttons for the second page of "Other" in the Digimon character creator are easy to miss, causing the impression that there are no glasses in the creator. It's good to point out those so I can hope to screw up less in the future.

No I'm really interested why ___ isn't in the dress up.
Some possible reasons why something isn't included:

- I left it out on purpose because I didn't want to draw it
- I didn't consider it important enough for the scope of that particular dress up; while at times I try to include absolutely everything, in most of my works I don't have the interest to draw whatshername-who-shows-up-in-one-filler-episode.
- I'm not knowledgeable/nerdy enough on the subject to know it even exists.
- The dress up was growing so large that I'd never get it finished if I drew everything I wanted, so I had to stop at some point.
- It didn't exist at the time I made the dress up. I do update some of my works with newly released stuff from the franchise, but I don't have the time or interest to keep up with the antics of the subjects of 100+ dress ups.
- It was too difficult to draw or code.
- The dress up was a contest prize and the subject was chosen by the winner. If the winner didn't ask for it to be included I didn't feel an obligation to draw it. Or most likely I knew nothing on the subject so if the winner didn't ask for it to be included I didn't even know it exists.
- Also possible: I forgot. There are times when I missed something that I did want to include. Like that stupid GS ball in the PokeTrainer Creator v2, that thing missing bothers me so much more than the lack of a finish button or any of the bugs... [not bothering to add it though]

Options for alternate poses / different body types / yaoi/yuri couples?
This is so much easier said than done, unless you want a dress up like this. Alternate poses or body types or whatever would mean practically redrawing the entire game because if I alter the base body I have to alter the clothes too to fit the new body, Flash doesn't do it for me. I have made some works with multiple base bodies, but those are always a pain to make, since drawing the same clothes over and over again is just plain boring.

How about a One Piece character creator?
One Piece is one of my favourite series ever and it also has a lot of great designs, but I don't find it a good subject for a character creator. To me a character creator has one purpose and that is creating characters that design-wise could be from the subject series (you don't say). So, what is an One Piece type character design? What do Nami, Franky, Chopper, Wapol, Foxy, Dorry and Apoo have in common appearance-wise? Even if I ignore all the different body types as per the previous question and only stick to the generic male=Luffy/female=Nami bodies, the clothes still don't have a theme since there are so many different cultures. In the end pretty much anything can be an One Piece character as long as it's drawn in Oda's style so the dress up would be just me trying to emulate the art style with a random mess of a clothing selection.

The same applies to things such as Fullmetal Alchemist, which is a great series but there really isn't much to say in terms of a clothing theme outside the army uniforms. 

At times I have considered an One Piece creator with a smaller scope, such as One Piece Mermaid Maker, but if I made that I might just as well make a larger mermaid maker and not limit myself to One Piece.

More colours for the W.i.t.c.h. Guardian maker?
Like the previous question says, my top priority when making character creators is that it creates characters that look like they could be from the subject work, so nope. Witches wear green and purple in the comic, and if the dress up allowed you to colour their magic uniform blue and yellow instead it'd break my principles. To me alternate colours would look as out of place as if there was an option for space suits or fake beards. I guess it would benefit the people who want to use the dress up for something else than its intended purpose, but I don't want to sacrifice my artistic integrity for that. Feel free to grab your Paint or Gimp or any other drawing program and change the colours yourself though.

There is the thing that to the people who are only familiar with the cartoon version of W.i.t.c.h. that changed the colours a little the outfits should be green(ish) and pink, not green and purple. I, however, go by the comic version because that's the only one I know and I find the cartoon colours ugly, and I don't consider the benefit from adding the pink version large enough for the trouble including it would be.

Why so many "normal" dress ups and not character creators?
I can see why character creators would be more popular, but they're also more annoying to make. With a normal drag&drop you just draw and the clothes and copypaste one short code to make them draggable, and -voila- the dress up is done. While with a character creator you need to make item buttons and colour buttons and the menu needs more work, and items need to be coloured, and while I have managed to reduce the amount of code I need there's still a lot more to do in that front.

With drag&drop dress ups it's also more rewarding how you can see the progress. I take one reference picture, draw everything I want from it, and move it to the "already done" folder, and at all times I can see that the number of pictures still waiting is going down. But with character creators I draw one item group at a time, as in all shirts first, and when I'm done with that it's all skirts, and so on. This way it takes a long time until everything from a particular reference image is drawn and I can get rid it.

The whole thing is probably pretty stupid, but I'm the kind of a person who always takes pleasure in measuring how many minutes of a lecture there are left, how many kilometres to walk home, how many spoonfuls of some unpleasant food I still have to eat, and so on.

Do you often play dress ups?
No, I find it pretty boring. Huh? 

I used to play dress ups a lot when I was younger, but nowadays I don't find it that interesting. If I stumble into a new dress up I usually quickly create one character and that's it, but other than that my attention is almost always at the technical stuff, i.e. is it easy to use and if there's anything I could learn from it. 

I do enjoy seeing what people create in my character creators and sometimes try to search dA for people's creations (so I appreciate people who tag their stuff properly). Or at least the newer ones, the older ones not so much since my old art is embarrassing to watch..

Add ___ to the dress up/Make a ___ dress up.
No. Since when was I a servant you could just order around? No need to add "please" as an afterthought, it's not going to change anything. I always check if the commenter isn't a native English speaker which would make things a lot more understandable, but almost always their country says US and any other content they've uploaded suggests that they can speak English just fine. It's baffling to me that plenty of people apparently actually believe that they'd get me to do anything this way. 
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

I now have chosen the winner for the lottery in the previous journal entry using this random number generator. And it issssss.....


:icondiscordisbestpony: - Princess Peach dress up!

Congrats to the winner! I'll probably throw in Daisy and the girl in the light blue dress too to spice things up.

As for the other prize (the subject I pick myself), that... is still up in the air. I have quite a few candidates and I'm trying to narrow down, but it's hard to choose... It'll probably come down to what inspires me the most on the second I decide that it's time to start drawing the other winner entry.

Anyway, thanks for participating! Except the dress ups to be finished within a few months or something.
(dress up F.A.Q. is here)

I haven't had the Advent Calendar dress up lottery in a few years since it's so much work, but I thought I'd have a smaller one for whatever arbitrary holiday occurs next. Which happens to be Walpurgis Night. The prize is a dress up of the subject of your choice.

Here be the rules:

- The following will lead to disqualification: Trying to request/suggest/whatever me to draw something outside the lottery, usage of chatspeak, multiple entries per one person, general annoying troll/spam behaviour on my dA page.
- You have time until April 30th 2015, 11:59 PM GMT.
- Entering happens by posting a comment on this journal. In the comment put the words "Lottery entry" and description of what you want in the dress up. Entries without the words "Lottery entry" will be ignored. Here is an example entry.
- I reserve the right to update the rules in case I remember something important.

You can edit your comment as much as you want before the deadline.

Linking to reference pictures is not obligatory but very much recommended. I can do a google search on the subject but not an extensive study; unless my gallery gives a reason to believe otherwise you should assume that I'm not particularly interested in the series. If you don't give sufficient reference you lose the right to complain that I didn't include something because if left to choose I'll probably draw what I like best or what is the most convenient to draw rather than what's important in the series.

I will not draw:
- Anything over PG-13
- The doll from photos or photorealistic drawings; I need a drawing for reference.
- Furries (animal ears and tail are ok but the doll must be human)
- Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail or My Little Pony.
- Original characters (OCs).
- Fan designs unless you can link to the author stating it's ok for others to use their designs.
Anything else is ok.

Size-wise the dress up will be medium-sized. That means that you don't need to limit it to only a handful of items, but don't except a character creator with hundreds of options either. If you ask for too much content I'll simply pick what I like to draw best so you may want to specify which is the most important thing.

As for choosing the winner, get a random number somehow and use it to pick one winner. I'll also pick one other winner myself based on which entry inspires me the most.
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

(2012 / 2011)
(what I didn't do one for 2013?)

It is that time of the year again. I thought I’d have more works on this list because I felt I read a lot of manga this year, but a lot of it was the sort of mediocre library manga you forget right after you return the book.

The Lego Movie
An ordinary dumbass Lego minifigure becomes the Chosen one and must save the world.
I was so sure I wouldn't watch this one because the trailers were so stupid, but it kept getting so good reviews that I had to check it out, and boy what a good decision that was. Hilarious movie but also managed to be surprisingly smart, something I wouldn't expect I'd say about a movie about Lego minifigures. And on top it all, it managed to avoid the worst pitfalls of the "be yourself, it’s all about you, you’re the special unique snowflake" morale like half of the animated films from America force down our throats. Only the token romance was almost good but ended up awful, but other than that, what a great film.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
Dragon riders end up in a war against an evil dragon rider, also family reunion.
I had quite high expectations for this one, which were actually met. A good continuation that answers the question “what happened after the events of the previous movie?” well and introduced plenty of new stuff so it wasn't just a rehash of the predecessor. Villain was a little weak though. Also, props for handling Toothless so well. He got his own thing to do in the story so he wasn't just Hiccup’s accessory, but what he did was still fit for an animal so he didn't come across as some Disney-esque super smart cartoon animal.

The Legend of Princess Kaguya
A poor man finds a princess and gold inside a bamboo shoot. He does his best to give the princess a fancy life, but the princess herself would prefer a less restricted poor lifestyle.
Didn't care too much of the thing itself but more about how different it was from every other movie I had seen. Obviously it looked very different, but also in the story department. I don’t remember seeing an ending like that in any movie from the West, or Japan for that matter, and the angle of seeing the “overcome a quest and get the princess” story from the princesses point of view was interesting.

The Legend of Korra
The final two seasons of Avatar Korra's antics. Bye bye Avatar franchise!
Luckily the quality picked up significantly from the second season which I think I'll rather forget save for the Varrick parts. He is my favourite character of the Korra franchise. Lin, Su and Tenzin are up there too. Even Korra got a pretty good arc and while the first two seasons did so much damage to her that I couldn’t be bothered to care about her nearly as much as what a main character should expect she was still fairly okay towards the end. Also I couldn’t care less who she ends up with.

Kill la Kill
High school girl is trying to avenge her father's murder, and gets ridiculous clothes that give her superpowers to aid in cool battles against the student council and other foes.
This rivals the Lego Movie in the dumbest premise of the year. I wasn't going to give it a second thought due to the fanservicey super outfits giving the impression that the show wasn't even trying to do anything but show skin, but it kept getting praise for its other content and the character designs were interesting, so I gave it a go. The story got even dumber as it went on, and it was awesome. 

I wasn't in the target audience for the fanservice so it bothered me a lot, but seeing how the story revolved around wearing or not wearing clothes it was at least somewhat justified by the plot so there's little room for me to complain. And how can you not laugh at an organisation being named "Nudist Beach"? 

The swimming club of some high school guys.
The Swimming Anime. Nice animation and lots of muscles, but little else to offer. Everything felt just shallow fujoshi fanservice and the characters seemed little more than obligatory tropes to get the cash from the fans of different character archtypes. I was hoping for a stormy bromance between the main guy and the jerk from the rivalling team, but even that didn't properly start until the last moments, and the main guy was insufferable anyway. Ending theme was cool I guess.

Happiness Charge Precure!
Magical girls fight bad guys in a kids' show.
Only 14 episodes in so far. I ended up watching this because I love magical girls and the blue girl was so darn cute. She is the best character and quite a pleasure, but unfortunately I pretty much hate the pink and yellow girls. Show itself has been more or less what you'd expect from a Toei toy commercial.

House of Five Leaves
A shy samurai becomes involved with a kidnapping gang.
Best thing of the year, hands down. The fangasm has calmed down a little since summer when I found the series, but the love has not. The anime was awesome and the original manga was even more so, and I can't remember any manga experience being more intensive than the last two HoFL volumes. A surprisingly calm and quiet series about criminals, there's not much fighting and most of the drama comes from the characters' relationships. Really good writing for the two main characters. Also, lonely people finding a family in each other is one of my favourite tropes and you can’t go too wrong with that one. 

One Piece
Pirates still searching for the legendary treasure and meeting various friends and foes on the way.
The long-runner continues. I'm not the biggest fan of the current Dressrosa arc; it feels like there's too much stuff going on, too little focus on anything, I don't really care for every side character getting a fight, and Rebecca sucks. Doflamingo is a cool villain though, and against all odds Law went from my least favourite character (generic stoic pretty boy with hax powers and too much screen time) to an actually likeable one with a sympathetic flashback. Rocinante is the best character of the year, Bartolomeo's gag is funny no matter how many times I see it, and Usopp's sniping moment was awesome.

Oyasumi Punpun
Coming-of-an-age story of one Japanese boy I guess.
The What The Hell of the year. I'm very glad I read it, but I don’t think I'll ever want to touch it again.

- Kill la Kill, especially Blumenkranz (even with the silly German pronunciations)
- Honorable mentions to Flying with Mother from HtTYD2, Wally's theme from Pokemon ORAS and Everything Is Awesome from the Lego Movie (...).
- Princess Kaguya cranks up the awesome during the running scene.
- Honorable mention to Madoka Rebellion movie.
- Kaoru Mori continues to deliver with Otoyomegatari
- Honorable mention to Yuusuke Murata's One Punch Man and Yana Toboso's Kuroshitsuji.
- The Lego Movie overall
- Honorable mentions to Bartolomeo's fangirl gag from One Piece, Thermae Romae, Silver Spoon and anything Varrick does in Korra.
- I really want to make a Happiness Charge Precure character creator.
- Honorable mention to Kill la Kill which is likely to sneak into the cosplay sections of other dress ups and Shiemi with her pwetty kimonos from Blue Exorcist.
- The ending of House of Five Leaves manga
- Honorable mention to the HoFL anime ending, and plenty of other moments from the manga, the beginning of Kill la Kill's ultimate transformation, Yotsuba's (Yotsuba&!) grandmother finally appearing and the Punch from One Punch Man's space invasion saga.
Romance (the least uninteresting)
- Varrick & Zhu Li from Legend of Korra. Do the thing!
- Honorable mention to… I don't know, I ship so little. Sai & Baby5 from One Piece was funny and brief I guess.
Relationship (non-romantic)
- Masa & Yaichi from Five Leaves
- Honorable mention to Kill la Kill and HtTDY2's focus on family.
Male character
- Either Masa or Yaichi
- Honorable mentions to Varrick from Korra, Rocinante from One Piece and Gamagoori from Kill la Kill.
Female character
- Hime from Precure is best girl. Dem eyebrows.
- Honorable mentions to Lin & Su from Korra, Satsuki from Kill la Kill and Alice from Shokugeki no Souma.

Who am I kidding House of Five Leaves was best at everything

I love "the Worst" lists, but it’s harder to think of one off the top of my head. And a lot of bad manga is just so dull that there's little motivation to complain while I watch so little anime that when I do it's something I expect to be good. What comes to my mind right now is that I hate Megumi from Precure (very much of current interest right now) and the precocious little brat from Kuroshitsuji has harmed the current arc but luckily not irreparably so. Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth is also pretty unbearable and I've never liked Shokugeki no Souma's Erina.

Plans for 2015:
- When Marnie Was Here should come to Finland next year hopefully maybe.
- Little Witch Academia 2
- Shokugeki no Souma anime
- Digimon Adventure reboot! Nade Nade!
- New Pretty Cure season maybe, if I survive this one.
- Pixar has not one but two movies coming next year?
- I plan to pick up Pandora Hearts, NaruTaru and Millenium Snow on the manga front.
- And maybe finally watch Evangelion (original) and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann on the anime side.
Finally the results for the Pokemon design contest! And with two winners instead of one! Reasons below since there would be no use writing them here considering everyone would scroll to the winners first anyway.

So the winners (in alphabetical order):

Vs. Elsa of the Elite Four by Taizen-KaoruFire pokemon trainer, Jasmine! by Shoujo-chi

Congratulations to both! I'll send a note shortly.

(I didn't know you can now put :thumbs: in a journal even if you're not a premium member. Hoo.)

So why two winners? Well, I only have experience on drawing generic Pokemon trainer outfits (like what the player character wears), I've never drawn a champion or a gym leader outfit. So while judging I noticed that I was only thinking of whether the entry would look good on the vaguely 10-year-old protagonist. Which is obviously unfair since a champion design is obviously supposed to look different from the average nobody. But then I started having problems with how to compare the quality of a generic all-around Poketrainer design to all the other trainer classes, because I personally enjoy the generic designs the most which puts everything else at a disadvantage, but on the other hand it wouldn't be fair to the generic poketrainer designs to choose some other trainer class if I was purposely trying not to pick any of them. And since I didn't know what to do I just picked my favourite of both groups.

Not that it made the judging much easier since there were plenty of designs I would've wanted to reward, but drawing two prizes is already enough work. Thanks to everyone for participating!
Apologies for the slow process of judging the contest entries. At first I messed up the date and gave the contestants a few more days time to compensate for it, then I needed a short period for the contestants to point out that I had forgotten to put them on the list if need be, then I decided that I'd need a few days for the judging so it wouldn't be based on just first impressions, then I was just plain lazy for a few days (...), then I wasn't able to get online at all because I was in London for a few days (that's why I haven't been responding to anything lately), and now I'm recovering from the trip and having to stay up all night because of a delayed flight. But now I'll step up my game and try to get the results out during weekend.
Whoops! I totally thought the dead-line was so that the contest ends when July starts, but apparently the first day of July was still within the contest. Because it was my mistake to end the contest sooner than I said in the rules, I pushed the dead-line back to July 3rd, 23:59 GMT so you can still enter if you want.

Ding Ding Ding! the deadline for the Pokemon design contest is over. Here are the entries! I'll start judging them in a few days.

Entries in alphabetical order by the entrant's username (no pics this time because I'm not a Premium member).

:iconabrigedfoamy: : Pegasus (Hercules)
:iconagehunt: : Chel (Road to Eldorado)
:iconalbaxd: : Chel (Road to Eldorado)
:iconarsenxixquinn: : Celia (Monsters inc)
:iconbebeline: : Sofia (Sofia the First)
:iconbloolovellwolf: : Charlotte (Princess and the Frog)
:iconbogidream: : Lucy (Despicable Me)
:iconbousisummer: : Elsa (Frozen)
:iconcaramelcookie: : Yzma (Emperor's New Groove)
:iconcat-of-energy: : Toothiana (Rise of the Guardians)
:iconcheshireparadox: : Margo (Despicable Me)
:iconcloakedapprentice: : Duchess (Aristocats)
:icondeiluva: : Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
:icondonutturtles: : Cinderell (Cinderella)
:icondracometeor9001: : Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)
:icongumicookie1: : Ellie (UP)
:iconemeraldwings1: : Thumbelina (Thumbelina)
:iconerinprimette: : Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)
:iconethos-clock: : Celia (Monsters inc)
:iconfauna4ever: : Grand Councilwoman (Lilo & Stitch)
:iconfluffygirl1023: : Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
:iconfrostedbinary: : Marie (Aristocats)
:iconfukayamayuki: : Violet (Incredibles)
:icondivinitasx: : Elsa (Frozen)
:iconinnudoggy: : Chicha (Emperor's New Groove)
:iconkingdomheartsgirl57: : Lilo (Lilo & Stitch)
:iconkyokota: : Rapunzel (Tangled)
:iconleannaqua: : Elsa (Frozen)
:iconlegendary23: : Simba (Lion King) (alt pics 1 2)
:iconlordofthefuzzys: : Lilo (Lilo & Stitch)
:iconmermain123: : Bo Peep (Toy Story)
:iconmomo-no-kuni: : Minion (Despicable Me)
:iconnimfia: : Marie (Aristocats)
:iconpokemonluver13: : Elsa (Frozen)
:iconpriffyviole: : Elsa (Frozen)
:iconsapphiregirl101987: : Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
:iconshippyshipper: : Edith (Despicable Me)
:iconshoujo-chi: : Jasmine (Aladdin)
:iconsteampunk-explorer: : Vanellope (Wreck-it-Ralph)
:iconsweet-li: : Eve (Wall-E)
:icontaizen-kaoru: : Elsa (Frozen)
:icontamamomae: : Elsa (Frozen)
:iconvoodoo-who-do: : Amelia (Treasure Planet)
:iconyatotheamazingespurr: : Elinor (Brave)

If your entry is missing from the list even if you got a "You are in the contest" note please contact me asap (or if I typoed your username or the link url or something like that).
A reminder that there is now around a week until the deadline of the Pokemon Design contest (dead-line is July 3rd 2014, 11:59 PM GMT).
It is time for an outfit design contest again! This time it's Pokemon outfits again, but for a wider range of characters.

In short: Pick one character from the accepted movies (list below), and draw him/her in the Pokemon world in an outfit you've designed yourself. I'll pick my favourite design, and the winner gets a free dress up.

The Rules
1. Read this journal entry. I'm afraid that your chances of winning are rather slim if you don't. If there's something unclear you're most welcome to ask more.
2. Pick a character from any of the movies listed here and draw him/her as if he/she was a character in Pokemon world.
3. You have time until July 3rd 2014, 11:59 PM GMT. Entries after this will be ignored.
4. Only one entry per person. All entries are final and can't be replaced with a newer idea.
5. Only use your own art and not your something drawn by your friend/sibling/grandmother/random internet person whose art you stole/your goldfish, or screen shots of dollmakers or dress ups.
     *You can use a base if you link to the source and the creator of the base explicitly states it's ok to use it
6. Both traditional and digital media are welcome, but please colour your work.
7. Mature Content entries are not accepted.
8. I will be the one to judge the entries. The winner is chosen based on the originality and creativity of the design, and how well it fits the character and the Pokemon world.
9. All entries will be posted in some kind of a compilation.
10. I may use the designs in non-commercial fanart. The designer(s) will be credited in the description.
11. I reserve the right to update the rules in case I forgot something super important.


This is a designing contest, not a drawing contest. I'll pick the winner solely based on the design, not based on who has the best drawing skills. And no medium is better than other, just because someone has an expensive drawing program does not mean that they have any better chances at winning than someone who uses coloured pencils. So please don't be afraid to take part! And especially, please don't comment "I'd like to take part but I can't draw....:(", for this contest I only care about your designing skills and not how anatomically correct you can draw a human.

Humans only, you may pick a nonhuman character but you have to draw a human version of him/her. You may change the character's age for your drawing. You can also draw whatever extra stuff in the picture if you want (Pokemon companions, other characters etc) or write a little description of the character, but only the character design is judged. If there are more than one characters in the picture please tell which one is participating in the contest. Also, please draw the whole character and not just clothes on a faceless mannequin.

Finally, please write somewhere what the character is supposed to be in the Pokemon World so I can judge the design accordingly. There's a difference in whether you're aiming at an all-around Pokemon trainer (like the player character), X type Gym Leader, villainous team boss, Pokemon Nurse or a Day-Care Lady. Anything that fits the Pokemon world is accepted, it doesn't need to be a canon "occupation". If you need support with the Pokemon world occupations or fashion styles, Bulbapedia is ready to help you: player characters / Gym Leaders / Elite Four / villainous teams / Professors / trainer classes for a start. Here's what I've drawn on the subject for an example, but you're more than welcome to come up with something better.


How to participate
1. Draw the picture based on the rules above.
2. Upload it to your DeviantArt account.
3. Send me the following Note (not a comment):
     * Title "Pokemon Design Contest"
     * A link to your entry.
     * The character's name and the movie he/she is from
     * The character's "occupation" (Pokemon trainer, gym leader, pokemon breeder etc.)
     * (whatever else you wish to say, optional)
4. Usage of chatspeak gets you disqualified.
5. When I read your note I will send you a note back so you know I've received your entry. If you do not get a note back within 3 days please inform me so we can make sure your entry didn't somehow disappear to the depths of internet.


The Prize
1. The prize is a medium-sized dress up.
2. The winner must be ready to tell me what he/she wants, "I don't know, just draw something" kind of indicates you're not interested in the prize.
3. The winner must be ready to help with providing decent reference if it's a subject I'm not familiar with.
4. I will not draw:
     * Anything past PG-13
     * The doll from photos or photorealistic drawings (way past my skill level, I need a drawing for reference)
     * Furries (animal ears and tail are ok but the doll must be human)
     * Naruto, Bleach, Twilight (the vampire book) or Pinkie Pie.
Anything else is ok. Outfits can be from photos.
5. I'll discuss the content of the game with the winner after the results have been published, please don't talk about it until the winner is declared.
6. I reserve the right to postpone the making of the game in case I get sick or have technical problems etc. But I'll try to make it as soon as possible.
7. If the winner doesn't reply with a subject (and reference) within 2 weeks of the time I send them a "you won!" note someone else gets the prize.


I think that was all, I hope I didn't forget anything important. Good luck to everyone!

[edit] changed the dead-line from 1st to 3rd.

The Ultimate Disney Princess Popularity Poll

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 7:38 AM
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

I once had a poll on people's favourite Disney Princess. Now we have three more, so it's time to see what the situation looks like now. I'm even capable of makin DA polls again, but with thirteen princesses the ten slots of a DA poll just aren't enough. So I made my own.

Only the members of the Disney Princess franchise (or future members in the case of Anna and Elsa) this time, no other princesses or females who aren't princesses. I may make a different poll for them later though, and maybe for the dudes too.


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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

December has come so fast that I almost forgot that I have to start uploading the Advent Calendar dress ups soon... For those who don't know it, I had a lottery where people could send in dress up ideas, and I randomly picked some of them and made the dress ups. And now, starting on December 1st, I'll upload a mini dress up every day until Christmas (unless technical difficulties get in my way or something).

SnowflakeDress ups will be uploaded when it's morning in Finland, probably something like 6AM GMT. Which causes some timezones get the dress up on the wrong day, but I believe we can live with that.
SnowflakePlease no fandom nerd rage on the stuff that is not included in a dress up, if something is not in it's most likely because the person who sent the dress up idea didn't ask it to be included and their word is the law here.
SnowflakeI did have to leave out some stuff that was in the entries though, mostly because it was too difficult(or annoying...) to draw. But hopefully most stuff did get in.
SnowflakeThere will not be an Advent Calendar lottery this year in case anyone is wondering.

Since this seems to have confused people: the lottery is over and the winners were chosen months ago. This is not a place to "suggest" what kind of dress up you happen to want now.

Aaand that's about it for this journal entry, I'll see you in the AC2013 Dress up #1 on Sunday!

It's a blog!

Journal Entry: Mon May 20, 2013, 11:25 AM
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

A few months ago I watched "Sofia the first : Once Upon a Princess" in the hopes that I'd get more princesses to draw for the Pokemon Princess project. I didn't (the background princesses weren't named in that film), so I ended up writing a rant review on how much I disliked the film instead and suggesting I should put up a blog where I could whine about children's movies I don't like. And now I suddenly actually created the blog! So, uh, here it is:

~Hapuriainen's Disney Blog~

As of now there are only two posts, three if you count the introduction one, but I hope I'll get more soon and that I won't run out of interest too soon. And it shouldn't be all about complaining, I have a lot of movies I like that should fall to the four highest tiers.

Despite the "Disney" in the name the blog should include stuff from DreamWorks etc. too, it's just that I've never been good at thinking good names. Luckily you can change the name on WordPress if I ever think of something that is not dreadfully boring.


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Lottery is over

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 11:29 AM
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

The dead line for the dress up lottery for the advent calendar 2013 has passed. The winners will be chosen as soon as I get to writing an algorithm for that.

As for drawing, if there's something that seriously confuses me or is technically impossible to draw I will have to leave it out, but I will do my best to include everything that was in the entry. Iif an entry was on the verge of disqualification but got a pass for being almost ok I may be less interested in drawing absolutely everything. If something in the entry interests me very much I may draw something extra.

You'll start seeing the results on Dec 1st then!


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Last lottery reminder

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 10:22 AM
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

The last reminder for the Dress up lottery for the 2013 Advent calendar is here. Dead-line is April 30th 2013, 11:59 PM GMT which is pretty soon, so please hurry if you're thinking about taking part but haven't done that yet.


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Lottery reminder

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 14, 2013, 10:05 AM
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

The second-last reminder for the Dress up lottery for the 2013 Advent calendar is here as there's now a little over two weeks left before the dead line. There will be one last reminder for two days if I remember to put it up.


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Birthday is over and a Lottery Reminder

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 21, 2013, 11:55 PM
Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

Okay, my birthday is now over. Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes, llamas, points and gift art!

Gift art: Seth by magpiedragonHappy Birthday by SilverLunaLilly

Another note, just a little reminder that there's now a bit over month left until the Dress up lottery for the Advent Calendar 2013 closes.


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Hapuriainen's 2012 of Animation and Comics

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 9:01 AM
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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

It is the end of the year again, and like last year I ended up compiling a list on stuff I've seen and read this year (2011 here). Plus the game I got for Christmas. Not so surprisingly the list turned out a lot longer than I expected...

Some spoilers at the end in the top ### best/worst scenes, highlight the text to read. More detailed reviews for some of the manga and anime series and watching diaries on Avatar and Korra on my website, in Reviews.


the Irresponsible Captain Tylor

An incredibly lucky idiot (?) takes part in a space war

This was on my watch-list for years until I finally bothered to watch it, and it was a very rewarding experience. Tylor was a great main character in all his glorious laid-back nature, and it was nice to see a genuinely nice guy who didn't wish ill to anyone for once. All of Tylor's victories were naturally crazy deus ex machinas and his plot shield was impenetrable, but that was kinda the whole point so I have no problem with it. There were some seriously derpy episodes, but if I erase them from my memory it was a great series.

Extra points for having a very likable cast, I don't remember disliking anyone.

Clannad + Clannad After Story

A high school guy gets a harem and eventually marries one of the girls

Clannad ranked so high in "top anime series" lists that I had to check it out. Didn't really like. The main character was surprisingly nice and well-written, but many of the girls were pretty irritating in their "I exist to be waifu material for you, viewer!" characterisation, and those who didn't annoy me were mostly just boring. And at most their "sad" stories managed to get an "okay" reaction out of me, while some were outright embarrassingly painful to watch and it felt like the creators were standing next to me, telling "this is the ~sad~ part, now you're supposed to cry!!1".

After story was a lot better for getting out of high school and moving to more mature themes (and having less Fuuko and Kotomi). I've seen plenty of stories where teenagers are in luurve and the story ends with a love confession and a kiss at most, so seeing the main couple graduate, get jobs, move out and get married was very nice. And, it had one of the greatest plot points this year, but the ending completely ruined the whole thing for me.

Princess Tutu

A magical girl wants to save her prince with magic ballet

Princess Tutu competes for the title of "Hapuriainen's favourite magical girl anime" with Madoka. But while Madoka's greatness comes from subverting the viewer's expectations Tutu is more clearly its own thing and doesn't require the viewer to think "Ha! All the other magical girl shows handled this thing in a boring way, but THIS one was different and better!". Also, I really liked how the show played with the meta levels of storytelling.

Tutu had one of the most satisfying endings this year. Many times even if I really like the series I still end up wishing something more from the finale, but Tutu managed to keep the quality until the end.

How to Train Your Dragon

A fail viking befriends a dragon

For some reason this one got meh reviews when it first aired here so I didn't expect much from it when I finally got my hands on the DVD, and on top of that Dreamworks didn't have a very good history on making great cgi films for me. Sure, some of them have been able to entertain me, but hardly ever they've been good enough to get past "that was ok I guess but not worth a rewatch". It's just that all the trendy pop culture references, snarky, sarcastic and arrogant characters who are jerks to each other, toilet humour and groin attacks, jokes that expect me to laugh at the characters instead of with them and the same "HA! Watch me I have attitude!" Dreamworks face in every promo poster make the movie kind of superficial to me especially when compared to for example Pixar's works that have a lot more heart. But luckily I was proven wrong about my suspicions this time so now I'll try to remember that Dreamworks is capable of making a movie I can take seriously.

But yeah, How to Train your Dragon is so far the best DreamWorks film to me and probably the first where I truly cared for the story and characters. And while there were some minor things that bothered me there was only one major disappointment (the girl being shoehorned to the love interest role).

Avatar the Last Airbender

Kids fight the evil Fire Empire with magical powers

Started watching this because of the clothes. Some day I'll make a character creator of that! Though it will be highly controlled which clothes and colours may be put together. Avatar had such good and consistent designs that while it's none of my business if someone desperately wants a special snowflake OC who wears a red water tribe coat, purple fire nation shoes and a pink air nomad poncho, but they won't make it in my game.

The series was very enjoyable even if the ending was pretty rushed. I was expecting Toph to be my favourite character, but in the end she was second to Zuko. Watching him suffer was delicious. Also liked Aang, Sokka and Iroh, and the fact that there were so many important and credible villains was very nice (Avatar did a very good job with female characters). Katara was meh though. And definitely not pairing her with Zuko. Kataang was boring as well, but I can swallow it if I pretend the extremely forced last scene didn't happen and they hooked up offscreen in their teenage years (nothing particular against the pair since I really like Tenzin and at least it's not Zutara).

The Legend of Korra

Teens fight muggles with magical powers

Korra was a letdown after the original series. It had good chances to be great, but in the end it didn't manage to get me to care about the main characters and there were some plot points I did not like at all. Korra was ok but I didn't like how her character was handled, Mako had all Zuko's unappealing sides and very few of the good so I never cared much for him and I liked Bolin at first but he kind of faded into the background. Asami was the only one I liked from start to finish. Then there was that shipping garbage that took way too much screen time and the final pair was as uninteresting as possible. Still watching the second season or book or whatever they're called though, for the clothes if nothing else.

Lin and Tenzin were great, I'd like to see more of them. Surprisingly I didn't hate the airbender brats either.


Mother-daughter problems of a bratty princess and an uptight queen

As much I am thrilled for Pixar's first female protagonist I have to admit that this wasn't one of Pixar's best films. It looked gorgeous, had nice characters and improved towards the end, but the story had problems. Would the whole story have even happened if Merida hadn't been so conveniently vague about what she wanted from the... wood-carver? And she possibly couldn't have gone to the castle alone at the end of the film?

I am, however, glad to get a story a) with a female protagonists and b) that doesn't have 'love' as a theme. Not that romance stories can't be interesting, but it gets kinda repetitive when almost every movie with a female protagonist expects me to be interested in her love story when there could be tons of other themes to explore instead. Also even with its faults I still liked Brave leagues more than... most of the Disney Princess movies. Mulan and Tangled are probably the only ones I'd put before it.

Really liking Merida's hair.

Various Random Princess movies

Because of the Pokemon Princesses drawing project I ended up watching plenty of animated movies in the hopes of getting a new princess character to draw. Can't say that I particularly enjoyed any of them... or remember any of them for that matter. In the worst cases I managed to suffer through a horribly boring movie only to find out that in the in the end there was no princesses in the movie at all. Kind of stupid watching princess movies anyway really since princess stories are on the tail end of stuff that interests me (there's always the obligatory love story) and sometimes I question myself why on earth do I have to draw them in the first place, but... it's the collecting thing I guess.

Wreck-it-Ralph is supposed to give me three more princesses, but then I'm in trouble since I don't want to mix Disney and non-Disney characters in the same picture and I don't know of any other Disney Princesses I'd want to draw. I guess three would be enough for one picture, but what will I do when Disney gives us the next princess and there's only one?


A girl gets in trouble with a fantasy world

This... why is this a kid's movie? I would have been way too much of a wuss to watch it. I've always found stop-motion animation creepy even if it wasn't purposely a horror story...

Very enjoyable experience anyway. Somewhat similar but a lot creepier was the short story "Alma" (available on Youtube), which was even creepier.

Kanon (2006)

A high school guy gets a harem and eventually starts dating one of the girls

Despite having a ton of stuff I didn't like Clannad apparently was good enough that I decided to check out Kanon by the same studio. That was a big mistake.

The male lead was boring and annoying and had no character outside his relations with the girls. The girls were cutesy-patootsie moeblobs with horribly ugly moefaces and at times reduced to something like a cute pet. How on earth could someone like Makoto or Ayu be considered serious girlfriend candidates? And then there was the ending... Bleargh.

Rise of the Guardians

A magical pretty boy angsts because kids don't see him

How to Train Your Dragon made me trust DreamWorks a bit more so I went to see this. It wasn't nearly as good but I'll still take it over Kung Fu Pandas and Bee Movies any day.

The ending was super cheesy and derpy and no amount of "it's a movie about Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, just ignore it" is going to help with that. Also the timespan of the movie was far too short. No Easter eggs on one Easter, Tooth Fairy not collecting teeth for a night for two -> Every single kid on the entire Earth instantly stops believing in Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy? No kid was sick during the Easter egg hunt and thus missed the whole fiasco? No kid was told any lies that the Easter bunny was sick this year but he will return next Easter (let's ignore the obvious "parents could, like, hide chocolate eggs themselves" solution for the sake of the movie)? Or if it was something to do with the villain's power and I missed it I'll have to say that then the villain would have ridiculously broken powers. And the scene where Jack had ttlly betrayed the other Guardians felt very forced, and the gender ratio females:males of 1:5 in the main characters disappoints a lot.

But anyway, the movie still looked gorgeous and I liked most of the characters (especially the Easter Bunny). And there were lots of fun ideas, like the Tooth hunting competition and the Guardians' different transportation methods.


One Piece

The hero sets out to the sea to do pirate stuff; adventure ensues.

OP is still one of my favourite manga, but this year hasn't been my favourite. I don't like Law; just being a cool and dark pretty boy does with genious plans not make me like a character, quite the opposite actually (and he has a broken power). The only times I've liked him were when Chopper was tied to his head and every time his plans don't go as planned because of Luffy messing up. He'll need a flashback or something else where he's not smirking arrogantly to make me like him.

But even if I'm not as enthusiastic about One Piece as I might have been 200 chapters ago the series is still doing great. Especially the small jokes Oda puts everywhere are as great as ever. And with DoFlamingo's appearance I expect it to get better again.

Trinity Blood

A cheap Mary Sue steals the spotlight from an interesting vampire story

How many new chapters did we get this year again? Two? Man this series moves slowly. Considering how little interest the manga author seems to have in the series I believe I shouldn't have my hopes up for him writing a proper ending for it.

In addition to the lack of chapters the few we got didn't interest me much either. Since this is the arc where one of my least favourite characters in the history of fiction I've consumed gets about as special as she possibly can I have a hard time getting excited about the series any more. I guess the only thing I can hope for now is more clothes for my TB dress ups; at least the author's art is still as great as before.

Rose of Versailles

Marie Antoinette : the manga

ahahahahaaaa this was so great I can hardly contain myself

Basically, I read this only because it had tons of crazy ornate dresses and that alone was enough to entertain me for the whole ten volumes. Being a shoujo manga from the seventies it was hilariously serious business and excessive drama, but I didn't let it bother me.

Rose of Versailles is also revered for having a very strong female character (Lady Oscar). I have to agree; she sweeps the floors with the "tee hee I'm such a silly klutz omg the male lead looks this way kyaa blush blush" schoolgirl protagonists we nowadays tend to have in shoujo. But sadly I didn't pay much attention to the plot because I was busy saving all the pictures fo the fancy dresses.

Assassination Classroom

Octopus monster teaches students to assassinate him

The new series in Shounen Jump is apparently insanely popular right from the start, and I'm not surprised at all. At least it has an unique idea. I was very impressed with the start, but lately it has started to bore me. Can we get a bit more plot?

Koro-sensei is a great character. The... main character? Nagisa on the other hand is horribly boring.

One Punch Man

A superhero defeats foes with just one punch and becomes dissatisfied with the boring fights

Possibly the greatest gag manga I've ever read. After reading One Punch Man Assassination Classroom somehow feels less impressive, even if comparing them didn't make much sense. They don't have much in common do they?

A ridiculously overpowered hero who beats any foe with no effort might sound boring, but at least for some 20 chapters I still haven't become tired of it. When you know the main character is going to win anyway it's easier to concentrate on the "how" instead, and his down-to-earth attitude leads to many hilarious jokes (he kind of reminds me of Haruhi from Ouran High School). Also the series has great art and a lot of funny visual quirks (notice anything that shouldn't be there in the first volume cover?).

But anyway, if you like crazy action OPM is worth checking out.

The Game

Pokemon Heart Gold

Pokemon game #11

Got this for Christmas since I really enjoyed Pokemon Gold some ten years ago.

I'm not even done with the eight Johto gyms, and the Pokemon White I got a year ago feels a bit disappointing compared to this. While White was a fun game and it has some technical improvements and a lot of great stuff like more double battles, Darumaka and Cottonee, animated pokemon sprites, faster battles, infinite TMs and the awesome "gym leader - last pokemon" music, Heart Gold just seems to have even more fun stuff. First of all, having twice as much places to visit with Kanto is kind of obvious. And I love the unnecessary nonsense such as the walking pokemon, decorating poke balls and taking photos with the pokemon. Then there are the mini games such as the bug catching contest, pokeathlon, zafari zone, Voltorb flip... I like farming the berries as well when you can take your berry farm with you instead of having to search for the soft soil. White had the Battle Subway thing and Pokemon musical that quite frankly never interested me that much (also, you call that a dress up?!), and the stupid White Forest which had zero value without other people to communicate with. And I don't even know what the Dream World thing is, I'm not interested in using a website for playing pokemon.

Surprisingly I've ended not using my starter for the first time, currently Mareep (not allowed to evolve to preserve the cuteness) and Haunter are my main pokemon. And I desperately want a Gengar. Can anyone link me to a site where I could arrange the trade?

top 3 worst scenes

3. The ending of Legend of Korra

Okay, I'm aware that the creators didn't know they'd be getting a second season, but I found the ending seriously underwhelming when it solved all of Korra's problems in a few minutes. So Korra has lost the ability to bend three elements, but gained airbending. Wasn't it kind of the point that bending is cool and non-benders can have a hard time for not being able to bend an element? So learning to live as a non-bender and learning more about the spiritual side of being an avatar could lead to character development to the somewhat arrogant Korra. Except she wasn't even a non-bender at all, she still had air, which was like the rarest element out there, and as the avatar she has the special access to the spirit world business as well. In my opinion it would've fit her character perfectly to go "So what if I can only bend one element? I'll still be a great avatar, and you gotta deal with it!" While I find her depression over the sudden loss completely understandable it really bothers me how the show supports the notion that unlike all the people who only have one element at most who just have to deal with their situation Korra simply can't be happy unless she's special and has control over all four.

Stomaching the returning of the bending abilities would be a bit easier if it took at least some effort on Korra's part, but no, she just gets everything handed to her because... she was sad and miserable enough? The narration may say that she called Aang, but to me it didn't look like she was trying to do anything, she was just sitting there with Aang being the one to initiate the contact ("I can FINALLY speak with you now since you're depressed enough that your mind is open to change yadda yadda yadda"). Then add the utterly boring Makorra to the mix and Korra gets everything she ever wanted to crown the perfectly happy ending. Meeehhhh.

I will be somewhat assuaged if in the second season it turns out she only got the avatar state and can only control the elements while in it or some other limiter, but I don't see that as a likely outcome.

2. Clannad After Story
's reset button ending

It was going so well, was it really necessary to ruin everything!?

Nagisa's death was the best thing ever to happen to the series. A harem series where the main guy has to deal with the death of his wife and learn to find happiness in the surviving daughter was pure gold. We get to see tons of character development where he grows into a responsible adult and fixes his troubled relationship with his father. Wheee!

Except then we hit the reset button and return in time to the moment of the childbirth, except that this time Nagisa doesn't die! Nothing sad happens at all, the family lives happily ever after! The main guy never experiences the trauma, it never happened! All the interesting character development right down the drain! In exchange we get a perfectly happy cutesy-wutesy ending!

And then in the end we even have the ever-annoying Fuuko waste minutes to say one sentence to crown the epic failure. I prefer to think the last episode didn't happen and invent a more suitable fanfiction closure instead.

Zuko's magic fever
in Avatar the Last Airbender

Even if I hadn't been spoiled about the fact that Zuko turns good it would've been obvious from the first few episodes anyway. How this would happen is what interested me; characters who are jerks but learn to be less of a jerk after going through hell are what I'm really excited to see. Zuko's suffering from various reasons and slowly starting to think if it really is worth it had been delicious to watch (the more he suffers the more entertained I am), and at the end of the second Book I was ready for him to turn a good guy. We see him even get a date, and he is visibly distraught when he decides to free Appa. Then... he falls sick? And when he gets up he is suddenly a completely different person, all happy with his uncle who himself is a bit bamboozled by the sudden change! Yaaaa!

When I first saw it I was... less than pleased that the turning point in his character I had been waiting for some 40 episodes happened offscreen when he was sleeping, because of some magical fever that had never been mentioned earlier.

When I've thought about this later I've noticed that maybe the magic fever was a cause of the character development and not the other way around, but the insane "tee hee hee uncle I'm so happy to serve tea in your shop let's hug <3 <3 <3" twist still came out of nowhere and I hate it. I was so happy when he ended up joining Azula anyway and we got a proper redemption later and the drama about how he finally got what he wanted but realised it actually wasn't what he wanted at all was most likely a lot better than if he had joined the good guys sooner, but the magical sickness still taints my Avatar watching experience badly.

top 6 best scenes

Heads rolling
in Rose of Versailles

Was it so that Rosalie was the only character to survive to the end? Marie Antoinette and the king were executed and Oscar and Andre died in combat (and wasn't Oscar terminally ill anyway?). Then there was that bitchy stepsister of Rosalie's who died as well. And count Fersen too. And Marie Antoinette's young son died of an illness onscreen. Yaaaaa!

Considering what the manga is based on it was no surprise that Marie Antoinette bit it, but I didn't see Oscar or Andre dying as well. When Andre died I was way too genre-savvy for my own good; it took me long to realise he had actually died and not just received an extremely lethal dangerous wound that would be healed anyway because of love and miracles after Oscar had wangsted enough over it. lol no. And while when you think about it it IS Marie Antoinette's story, but because of Oscar's fame and popularity I was tricked into believing that she was the main character instead. So when she was shot to death in volume eight out of ten I was very confused with all the "huuuh? what do we have in the last two volumes with the main character dead?!?!".

But seriously, why can't more shoujo be like this? All the others I seem to find are about a lame teenage girl (often the same stupid, klutzy and annoyingly cheerful airhead) who seeks true vuw at the age of fifteen or something like that. Reason I don't read much shoujo nowadays.

5. Princess Tutu ending

I was seriously surprised how the show actually stuck to its "be yourself" theme. I expected it to go "be yourself, except if you're a duck with a crush on a human and the main character, then you get a pass and you can be a human instead!". I mean, of course the shoujo heroine must get the perfect ending with her boyfriend, the rules don't apply to her! I was very pleased with Ahiru remaining a duck (even if it would've been ridiculously easy and convenient to write her transform back to human with Fakir's magical story writing powarz). And Fakir and Ahiru (duck or not) make a cute pair. Well done!

4. Irresponsible Captain Tylor
final battle

Great and fitting ending for the goofy series, both epic and silly at the same time. And great choice for the background music too.

Nagisa's death
in Clannad After Story

During the whole series all story arcs had a happy ending. Rivalling gangs make peace out of respect for the other gang's dead leader and his cute sister! The main characters manage to arrange a memorable wedding to a friend's sister! A withdrawn girl learns to make friends and deal with her sad past! Main guy has a tough job but it's worth it because his cute wife is waiting him at home! Main girl dies by childbirth! A teddy bear is passed from hand to hand from the other side of the worl- wait, what?

Apparently everyone and their mother except me knew of Nagisa's death before the show even aired. I was very shocked that something bad could happen in the present time and not flashbacks when everything else had always turned out happily. I'm not a fan of sugary happy stories so whenever something like this happens I get super excited. Finally something good!

2. How to train your dragon - Test Drive

Great way to show the building trust and friendship between Hiccup and Toothless, looks gorgeous and has fantastic soundtrack.

Zuko and Iroh reunion
in Avatar the Last Airbender


Zuko and Iroh's relationship is the kind of relationship story I want to see, all the pairing nonsense can stay away.

One specific thing that I noticed about Zuko's story was how he managed to find his own way himself. I guess I've watched too much stories where a troubled character can only find the light through the power of friendship (or love) when their friends come to support them at their darkest hour. So I was fully expecting that it would be Aang and company who somehow get an angsty and unwilling Zuko to join their group and help him get over his honour obsession and become a better person or something like that. But! Instead, we have Zuko doing some introspection, and after a lot of angst, a redemption failure and some more angst he decides to change his ways himself! Sure, Iroh's influence was obvious, but in the end he was the one to make the final decision, entirely separate from what the Gaang was doing. And as a complete opposite to my prediction he was the one who actively tried to join Aang's group and the others were not so keen on his presence and not the other way around. Not that there's really anything bad with stories with friends helping each other overcome their problems, it's just that I've seen it so many times that an alternative version of a more self-made-man was refreshing.


Background penguins from Mawaru Penguindrum.
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Yes, it's dress up lottery time again! Please read the whole journal before taking part, failure to follow the rules will lead to instant disqualification from the lottery.

What is this about? In January 2012 I hosted a lottery where people could send in entries on mini dress ups they'd like to see, and I randomly picked some entries and chose some of my favourites and made an advent calendar on them, uploading a new dress up every day until December 25th. This year I'll do the same; the winners on this lottery will be featured in the 2013 Advent Calendar.


1) Read and understand the rules. Fail to abide by them and you're out right away, it's not my fault if you can't be bothered to learn them.
2) The following will lead to disqualification as well:
      :snowflake: Trying to request/suggest/give ideas for/etc dress ups
      :snowflake: Multiple entries by one person; only one entry per person is allowed
      :snowflake: Usage of chatspeak.
3) If you don't understand the rules or you're unsure about your reference pictures you're welcome to ask more before taking part.
4) You have time until April 30th 2013, 11:59 PM GMT. Entries after this will be ignored.
5) Send your entry as a NOTE (not a comment). Use "Dress up lottery : *SUBJECT OF YOUR ENTRY*" as the title of your note.
6) I reserve the right to update the rules in case I remember something important.


In your note write the name of the series/theme and the character(s) you want to have in the dress up and include links to your reference pictures. You can give further explanation on the pictures in words if you want only a part of the outfit from them included or there is something else that should be noted about them. Please note that I only draw stuff from reference pictures you provide; If you can't be bothered to search the reference don't except me to do it either.

1) The entry (both characters and their outfits) should be only about one series (or movie, game, etc) OR it should have some other common theme (such as magical girls, characters by the same author etc. "Random characters I like from different series" is not an acceptable theme.)
2) The amount of the "items" in your entry should be between 40 and 70. Each of the following count as one "item":

      :snowflake: Piece of clothing (such as shirt, pair of shoes, glasses, necklace)
      :snowflake: Alternative hairstyle
      :snowflake: Alternative character
         :snowflake: Character creator of a series/theme is ok. In this case, each changeable option (eye style, front hair, skirt, pair of shoes etc) is one "item". Alternative body styles (sex, weight, pose etc) are not allowed.

Last year counting the items raised a lot of questions. Here is some visual aid if you feel you need any.

3) Only one doll per game (so no couples dress ups). Please only pick characters of the same sex if you include alternative characters. I only draw one base body so If you have characters of different body types please state whose body type I should use as a base.
4) I will not draw:
      :snowflake: Anything over PG-13
      :snowflake: The doll from photos or photorealistic drawings; I need a drawing for reference.
      :snowflake: Furries (animal ears and tail are ok but the doll must be human)
      :snowflake: Anything from Naruto, Bleach or Twilight the vampire book, or Pinkie Pie the pony
      :snowflake: Original characters (OCs).
Anything else is ok.
5) Reference pictures should be clear enough that a person not familiar with the series is able to use them for drawing reference. EXAMPLE: This is a good reference picture. These are not: (no colours), (not showing the whole outfit), (too small). If the picture is cut so that you can't see something properly please use an additional picture(s) to back it up.
6) Count the "items" in your request and include the number to your entry. This is important so I can throw out the entries by people who can't be bothered to even consider the effort that has to be put to the game so don't forget it!


:snowflake: After the dead line for the lottery is over I will write an algorithm that randomly chooses 19 of the accepted entries. Additionally, I will choose four entries I like best to be included with the winners, and one entry was a prize for one of my previous contests. (I'll decide what to do with the 25th later if you're thinking that the numbers don't add up to an advent calendar)
:snowflake: The results of the lottery will not be published or told to the winners, everyone will get to know the winners when opening the advent calendar next December. All good children should know that you're not supposed to know the contents of the advent calendar before the day you open it :iconwormhappy35plz:
:snowflake: The names of the winners and what they requested will be included in the finished dress up product.
:snowflake: If a winner is banned or if they spam, troll, beg for art/points/whatever or otherwise act like an idiot on my DA page before the release of the advent calendar they will be disqualified and someone else is chosen instead.

How you should count the "items" is not absolute and it's not a problem if you miss a shirt or two; it's there just so that it's easier for me to rule out people who try to stuff in 200 items without thinking anything at all.

Alright, I think that is all. Good luck to everyone who intends to participate!
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:rudolph: The results of the Awesome Advent Calendar Lottery are approaching!:rudolph:  Starting on Saturday there should be a new mini dress up every day until Christmas! Unless I have technical difficulties or something else comes up of course, but let's hope nothing goes wrong.

My timetables kinda exploded a bit so you won't be seeing the awesome thing I started in summer and planned to use it for the highlight of the calendar on 25th (I'll make it next year maybe). So I ended up expanding one of the entries a bit instead, hopefully that'll be fun as well.

In the meantime you can read the... awesome F.A.Q. for the calendar?

:iconsnowflakesplz:General F.A.Q:iconsnowflakesplz:

:snowflake:Q: What is all this about?:snowflake:
A: In January I hosted a lottery where people could send their entries about mini-dress ups they'd like me to draw. I randomly picked 20 winners and chose five other entries myself, and made the dress ups in the requests. Now I upload a new one every day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th for a little Advent Calendar for you.

:snowflake:Q: Free dress ups? Can I get one too?:snowflake:
A: There will be an Advent Calendar 2013 lottery (more info on it later), you can enter it if you want. However, if you try to request (suggest, give ideas, "just say", whatever) me to randomly give you gift art without following the rules of the lottery you'll get disqualified from the lottery.

:snowflake:Q: When will there be info on the Advent Calendar 2013 lottery? How can I enter it?:snowflake:
A: I'll post a journal on it (with rules) in a few days.

:snowflake:Q: Whennnnnn will today's dress up be uploaded?!?! It's *day X* already in here!!!:snowflake:
A: I'll upload it when I get there, I don't sit 24/7 on the computer waiting for the specific moment the day changes at your place. Also due to time zone differences plenty of people will get the dress up earlier than the correct day, but hopefully we can live with it.

:snowflake:Q: Why is ______ not in the dress up? It's an important part of that series!:snowflake:
A: Because the person who requested the particular dress up had their own idea what was important and didn't ask _______ to be included.

:snowflake:Q: Why is ______ depicted in an incorrect way in the dress up?:snowflake:
A: I'm not necessary an expert on the series, I just draw the stuff in the lottery entry. If I didn't understand the reference I had to guess since I didn't really have the time or interest to go through a gajillion episodes/chapters of the subject series to find out the absolutely correct way to draw ______.

(F.A.Q. about other things is here)

:iconsnowflakesplz:Special F.A.Q. to people who won at the lottery:iconsnowflakesplz:

:snowflake:Q: Did I win?:snowflake:
A: You'll have to wait to know. One winner will be revealed every day from Dec 1 to Dec 25.

:snowflake:Q: I requested ____ to be in the dress up, why is it not there?:snowflake:
A: Either the reference was insufficient, or I didn't understand it, or it was too difficult to draw, or it was against my principles, or your entry was on the verge on disqualification but still got in, making me less eager to follow it perfectly or I simply missed it; hopefully that's not the case. If I had to leave something out I tried to draw something else as an extra to compensate for it.

:snowflake:Q: Why did some other winner get a bigger dress up than I?:snowflake:
A: Some of the entries super inspired me and I felt like drawing more stuff, or they already were on my to-do list so I went for a bigger game right away instead of first making a small game for the Advent Calendar and a larger game on the exact same subject some unknown day in the future.

:snowflake:Q: I won at this lottery, can I take part in any other lotteries?:snowflake:
A: Yes you can.