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October 1, 2012


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  • Mood: Llama
Okay, time is up and the Magical Girl Beta Contest (design a magical girl outfit for my character) is over! I am no longer a premium member so I can't display the :thumb: links, but here are the entries in text form: Huuuuuh now I'm a premium member again!? Thanks a lot!

1: The-Roses-of-Water // 2: SheepG0toHeaven // 3: NaminaQueenofDemons // 4: DarkneseOfNightmares
5: Shira-Yuri // 6: SweatshirtDemon // 7: aquaninikochan // 8: JuliaJacobss
9: Solarfox123 // 10: Insane-otaku181 // 11: EmiMizuki // 12: A--S--K
13: saixsaya // 14: ErinPrimette // 15: PPGirl16 // 16: ciela101
17: nerdsbugme // 18: Ayra2 // 19: FroudTheXenophile // 20: Manectric515
21: Nekocutie13 // 22: scfbvocaxyan // 23: akita42 // 24: agehunt
25: curesunshine11 // 26: dark-lyoko // 27: amimikamoon // 28: Cat-Of-Energy
29: lucywoof08 // 30: clj888 // 31: drummaiden // 32: momoadd
33: MacyPokemonMaster // 34: NuttyNuti // 35: SailorRainbowStar // 36: believix94
37: J-yeti // 38: LoveTails // 39: tailssonicNO1 // 40: Albae-alae
41: Yubinada // 42: Boney-Fruit // 43: CaramelCookie // 44: wingkei1993
45: shygirlbutblonde // 46: RaNDOMchICCa // 47: annamae411 // 48: sweet-Li
49: ichigo912 // 50: SailorSenshiAmber // 51: sunrise35 // 52: Nemeki
53: ScooterWasHere // 54: NelaNequin // 55: Katwyn-Lauryl // 56: sugiyami-no-danna
57: Ivyra


My versions of the of the designs here.


:iconwormhappy35plz:Also! You can vote for your favourite here, the contestant with the most votes also gets a prize!:iconwormhappy35plz:
(voting closes on Oct 14 2012 on some unspecified time)

The winner(s) will be revealed on Oct 15. There are so many entries I'd like to choose so it'll be really tough, so I'll need some time to think about it.


Now that the introduction of the entries and the poll is over we can move on to some babbling and the details of the poll. Thanks to everyone who took part! A contest with no contestants wouldn't be very fun indeed, so I was always very happy when I saw a "Magical Girl Beta Contest" note in my message center.

The "please don't reply to the 'I received your entry'" note thing was nothing personal, it's just that since I use notes to store the entries it'd be more messy if I received 50 "okay!" replies in addition to all the entry notes. I wanted to keep the note business as simple as possible to minimise the chance of an entry getting lost, and that was a lot easier with one note/participant (unless there was something more to discuss to warrant another note of course).

As of the voting: Once the voting is over I will only reveal the winner and how many votes it got, all other votes shall remain a mystery. Why? Since the voting thing is a newer idea and the original rules of the contest said nothing about it, so people who joined the contest only agreeded to me picking one winner. So I think it'd be very rude to now start ranking the entries in public. Please think of it only as a way to give out one extra prize.

I don't think it'd take much to be able to cheat on the poll, but please don't do that anyway (only one vote per person please). If one entry mysteriously gains 200 votes when all the others only have five or something like that I'll have to disqualify the suspected cheater from the poll. Also, the poll is coded by me and I'm not a technical expert, so it's possible that it fails somehow. So if there seems to be a major problem with possible cheating or the whole system messes the votes somehow the voting will move on DA with people commenting their votes on a journal and I'll have to count them manually.

(The poll results won't affect whom I choose as my winner.)

The prize for the poll winner? That is an auto entry to Dress up Advent Calendar 2013 (there will be one). More on that later, but the hastiest of you can check the rules for the 2012 calendar if interested, it's going to be pretty much the same.

If the poll winner doesn't want the prize, or is suddenly caught cheating, or can't be reached within a reasonable timeframe, or is uncooperative in some way etc, the prize goes to the one with second most votes, and so on. And what if there is a tie? ...let's hope there won't be. I'll... deal with it somehow.

But now please go and take a look at the entries if you haven't already!
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WeegeeFett Oct 10, 2012  Student Artist

That name looks familiar.
Cyndaqul Oct 3, 2012  Student
I'd like to vote for 43
Mikk-i Oct 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh! So many amazing designs! :heart: Good luck choosing!

Also, you can use thumb links with out a premium. I use them all the time. Just thought I would let you know! :)
Hapuriainen Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...I can? ...well, indeed I can. Thanks for telling me!

(I thought it was a premium-only thing. Maybe it changed at some point?)
Mikk-i Oct 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yes siree! I didn't think so either until I tried it! :) You're welcome!
DarkneseOfNightmares Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I vote 47!
The-Roses-of-Water Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think 41 is lovely.
LoveTails Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will vote number 42
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